The Lightbridge Presents Light!Room Installation at Cameraimage

The Lightbridge Presents Light!Room Installation at Cameraimage

The Lightbridge
Effective: November 4, 2019


The Lightbridge is bringing a new concept to Cameraimage. Held in the Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun November 9-15, 2019, just a five minute walk from the main exhibition, the Light!Room will allow cinematographers to explore lighting in a uniquely artistic environment.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the Lightcycle— an artist-designed room where a 24-hour cycle of light (night, morning, day, evening and magic hour) will be shown off in a time-lapse light show using BB&S Lighting fixtures, CRLS Cine Reflect Lighting System, DoPchoice Snapbags, the Gaffers Control, and Rosco’s SoftDrop.

The Lightbridge invites DoPs, lighting directors and gaffers to relight the different times of day as part of the art installation—so what happens on one festival day will look different from the next! Adjacent to the Lightcycle a hands-on area is open to visitors who want to test the same type of tools that create the exhibit. 

The Lightbridge will also host a number of roundtables and master classes featuring prominent DoPs and gaffers— all focused on the topic of light. These include: CRLS creator Christian Berger AAC, Checco Varese ASC, and Alan Jacobsen, as well as gaffers John Roche, Frank Omo and Lightbridge founder Jakob Ballinger. For more information visit:



About The Lightbridge

Based on the fundamental belief that the most valuable lighting tool is the DoP’s unique way of seeing the world, Lightbridge hosts Light!Room a creative resource where lighting people from all paths can search, discuss and exchange experiences, thoughts and interests. Through this collaborative process the most revolutionary tools can evolve. The Cine Reflect Lighting System is an example, forged from the work of DP Christian Berger in collaboration with his gaffer Jakob Ballinger who founded The Lightbridge.

About CRLS

The CRLS (Cine Reflect Lighting System, is a revolutionary way of painting with light and shadow that pairs proprietary high efficiency reflectors with an optimized source to produce a concentrated natural-looking beam of light that’s easy to control and modulate.


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