BB&S Adds 3’ and 4’ Pipeline Free Fixtures

BB&S Adds 3’ and 4’ Pipeline Free Fixtures

BB&S Lighting
Effective: October 10, 2017

BB&S Adds 3’ and 4’ Pipeline Free Fixtures

See them at NAB NY Booth #N359

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Pipeline free baby kit

BB&S Lighting introduces 3’ and 4’ Pipeline Free remote phosphor LED lighting fixtures, adding even more possibilities for use of this cylindrical pipe-style lighting that is popular for broadcast studios, motion pictures, and video of all types.

The new 3’ and 4’ (914mm, 1219mm) sizes join the existing 4″, 8″, 1’, and 2’ (101mm, 203mm, 305mm, 610mm) Pipes. Pipeline Free Remote phosphor fixtures feature inline driver/dimmers so they operate stand-alone. The fixtures’ draw is 10W per foot, delivering 1000 lumens per foot of length at 98 TLCI. Each length is available in 3200°K, 4300°K or 5600°K color temperatures. The fixtures are available individually or in kits.

The rugged, aluminum-backed, Pipes are just 1-inch in diameter and output light spread over 180 degrees. Among Pipeline’s advantages are low power draw and heat-free operation. They are power versatile via 12V automobile battery, 14.4V battery via D-tap, or AC adapter. They ship with a Locking AC power cable complete with a cold shoe adapter with pin.

Pipeline fixtures can be mounted virtually anywhere: on the ceiling, a lighting grid, on a C-stand, or in a doorway. They dial in to just the right dimming level without any color shift.

Pipelines are also available in many sizes and configurations including the Raw versions that work with a 4-Way Controller as well as powerful 4-Bank 48V plug and play systems in aluminum housings.

BB&S Lighting’s stand at NAB NY, will also display and demonstrate the entire Pipeline family, Area 48 Soft and Studio lights, K-7 Twist miniature ball LED light, the LED Flyer pole light, Force 7 LED LEKO, and more.

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