SmallHD Launches Camera Control for RED DSMC2 on Cine 7 Monitors

SmallHD Launches Camera Control for RED DSMC2 on Cine 7 Monitors

Effective: Sept 10, 2019


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Creative Solutions is adding even more functionality for cinematographers to their powerful SmallHD Cine 7 line of on-camera touchscreen monitors. Now available for purchase, this new software license enables real-time configuration of RED DSMC2 cameras directly through the Cine 7’s touchscreen interface. 

Camera control on Cine 7 is a unique development because it allows cinematographers to use a beautiful, bright, and color-accurate monitor as a control interface as well as a creative viewing monitor. Camera menus appear as an overlay on the Cine 7 screen, offering multiple options to configure the camera to changing production requirements. In addition to standard parameters like white balance, resolution, and filename, the new software license provides deep-level menu control, including output overlays, image pipeline modification, and power settings.  

The Camera Control license for RED DSMC2 is now available as a bundle that includes an active camera-control cable and software upgrade license. For a limited time, every new Cine 7 purchase will include the RED camera control bundle free of charge.

With 1800nits of brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color, and a 1920×1200 resolution display, the Cine 7 monitor combines razor-sharp image clarity with powerful camera control features and the ease of touchscreen access. All Cine 7 monitors also provide deep integration with Teradek RT wireless follow-focus systems and are available as either a standalone monitor or with an integrated Teradek Bolt transmitter or receiver module.

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