Civan gets Creative with Litra for Lifestyle Spots

Civan gets Creative with Litra for Lifestyle Spots

When Home Becomes Studio in the Days of COVID

LitraStudio mixed with the candles and other practicals for a pleasing mix

It takes more than a pandemic to keep cinematographer Timur Civan down. When work started going sideways Civan ( created a new niche that would help him use his best assets: his creativity, his family and next door neighbors (actors), his ranch style home, a full scale production equipment package, and a little help from his friends and pets. He put together a Home Studio Production Package with his pitch and impressive portfolio. His agent booked jobs.

Civan uses the LitraPro near the kitchen sink to add character to the scene

For one such job he created footage for the world’s largest furniture and home accessory retailer. The coming-back-together campaign geared up for summer and by June, Civan’s imagery could be seen in spots on broadcast television, cable, local TV and YouTube ads.

How did this one-man-band create rich, warm images to remind audiences of the cozy feeling of a celebratory dinner party toast with close friends? He kept the lighting simple yet effective with the studio lights complementing the practicals. And he eliminated the complication of hiding cables by choosing new battery-operated LED lights by Litra.

With its RGBWW output Civan washed the set and actors in a pleasing rosy hue

He used the LitraPro™ Bi-Color by the kitchen sink and the garden window to add character to the shots. With up to 1200 dimmable lumen output and color temperature from 3000-6000°K he used it to lend more texture to the scene. At 2.75×2”x1.2”, Civan says, “You can hide it in plain sight.” He put it to work edge-lighting the actors and to pop in a glint of chrome or gleam from the setting sun.  

Lighting was especially critical for the clinking-glasses scene, where the foursome sits around a homey dinner table. A string of practical garden lights adds sparkle against the blue cast background exterior showing through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining area. Tea candles randomly placed on the table-top produce an authentic, friendly glow.

That’s where the LitraStudio™ did the trick. The RGBWW fixture is a mere 5.5” x 3.9” x 2” yet emits 3000 lumens of 97 TLCI fully tunable, dimmable color. After trying the Studio on a few shoots Civan made up his own quick reference guide to match color output with other popular LEDs brands. For what would become the commercial’s grand finale, Civan pushed the LitraStudio output into a muslin bounce and an inviting rosy hue washed over the actors and set.

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