Filmmaker in a Box: The Uncensored Case Study of the Making of an Actual Indie Film

Filmmaker in a Box: The Uncensored Case Study of the Making of an Actual Indie Film

Filmmaker in a Box is a brand new, unprecedented look at the behind-the-scenes of an independent micro budget feature film – offering a comprehensive look at all stages of production: the good, the bad, the mistakes and successes. It opens the door to the indie process like never before with an actual case study.  Offering over 17-hours of intensive, candid interviews in addition to dozens of actual documents used for the film, Filmmaker in a Box presents a complete filmmaking experience as if the user had actually participated in the production.

Although behind-the-scenes supplementals are common for Hollywood blockbuster films, until now the low-budget independent filmmaker has not had a chance to gain such in-depth behind-the-scenes access to the type of film they themselves are likely to make.

To close that gap, the Filmmaker in a Box 10 DVD set, is designed to give low-budget filmmakers a behind-the scenes-look at the planning and processes that go into the making of a low-budget film. The actual production of 2 Million Stupid Women, fresh off the festival circuit and being distributed nationwide November 2010, is used as the case study for the DVD set.

“It’s the kind of research I really wanted to have before starting 2 Million Stupid Women,” said Jamie Neese, who made his feature film directorial debut on the film.

The DVD set is divided into a Pre-production, Production and Post Production sections, subdivided into 108 individual modules. Within those sections are detailed segments on subjects such as scripting, financing, casting, contracts, shooting schedule, obtaining permits (or not), the many elements of shooting, and the complete post-production process. Behind the scenes video of 2 Million Stupid Women production meetings and filming itself, along with interviews with key crew, provide the DVD-set viewer with the many aspects of the production process.

Filmmakers can view the entire 10 DVDs in order, or use the comprehensive index to bone-up quickly on a particular subject. An accompanying CD-ROM contains dozens of actual documents from the 2 Million Stupid Women production, which can be used as templates for paperwork such as contracts, releases, call sheets and various reports.

So that the filmmaker can see the results of all of the various processes detailed in the Filmmaker in a Box DVD set, the final release version of 2 Million Stupid Women is included on its own DVD.

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