Mazzei Choose OConnor to Support Goo Goo Dolls Video

Mazzei Choose OConnor to Support Goo Goo Dolls Video

On the set of Goo Goo Dolls Video

On the set of Goo Goo Dolls Video

OConnor, a Vitec brand, announces that cinematographer Marco Mazzei recently chose the OConnor 2575 to support his latest music video for the Goo Goo Dolls.

Shot for Symphony 19 Productions and directed by Morgan Lawley, the video is called “Home”. The song, about being away from a loved one and the alienation that goes with that, portrays the Goo Goo Dolls in a Japanese market and a restaurant. To highlight their sense of alienation, the people surrounding them freeze in mid-action, while they move normally.

“We shot on RED MX with Cooke Prime lenses, to me a great combination, and shot slow motion at 60 and 120fps,” says Mazzei. “We also used an Iconix lipstick camera for extra angles tucked into items on the shelves of the supermarket and for use as a ‘security’ camera.

With only one day to capture both locations, Mazzei turned to his trusted support – OConnor. “The OConnor 2575 was the main head and vital to any shoot I do,” he adds. “It really complements the RED perfectly, whether I’m using a prime or the Angenieux 24-290mm zoom. It’s a super versatile head that can get most shots.

“We did a shot where we had to track with the band’s drummer while he was walking down an aisle. We chose to shoot from one aisle to the other spanning over the top using the Straightshooter jib arm. The OConnor 2575 was instrumental in this because with its counterbalance system we were able to tilt the camera down and find a very steep angle without trouble.”

The Goo Goo Dolls video “Home” is now on special rotation on VH1, in conjunction with the release of their new album.

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Pioneering fluid head and tripod innovator OConnor has been the choice of top cinematographers since its invention nearly 60 years ago by Chad O’Connor of OConnor Engineering.  Known for their hallmark smooth feel, consistent reliability, and cinematographer-friendly features, OConnor’s award-winning fluid heads offer maximum control and stability for film-style cinematography. Today’s support line includes the Ultimate range of fluid heads and Cine HD carbon-fiber tripods. With the 120EX OConnor introduced the flagship of its new series of EXTENDED CAPACITY fluid heads—the EX range. OConnor’s new 2575D fluid head continues the legacy of the industry standard – the Ultimate range of fluid heads for cine and digital cameras. The new camera accessory line will offer a range of camera tools for high-end cinematography applications.

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